Data tool of the week: BatchGeo

Ever wanted to make a map using some data you’ve got? Maybe it’s a list of councils that have passed their spending cut budgets, or the MPs with the highest expenses claims. Well BatchGeo could be just the tool for you.

It’s very simple to use, so even journalists with no data or tech background should be able to get something from it. You just put in the location data you’ve got from an excel file and it converts it into a map.

The best bit is, if it’s made a mistake BatchGeo lets you drag the marker for any location to its rightful place.

Here‘s one I made using Wikipedia’s list of terrorist attacks in 2010:

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3 Responses to Data tool of the week: BatchGeo

  1. You may also want to give ZeeMaps a try for your mapping requirements. It allows you to create a map with custom fields and has additional features like the ability to geo-search your map, e.g., all Gold customers in California. ZeeMaps also allows for nice print images in different sizes and resolutions.

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