Data tool of the week: Mr Data Converter

Everyone – especially me – likes it when a fictional character is given a name consisting of a title and some characteristic. There’s Mr Potato Head (pictured), Dr Evil, and, of course, Mister Hoppy (yipeeee!).

So imagine my delight when I discovered Mr Data Converter. It’s a free piece of online software that converts CSV or tab-delineated data into tables you can use on your website. If that sounds a bit scary, don’t worry – you can just copy and paste data from an Excel file.

That’s exactly what I’ve done below. I took a few lines of data from a spreadsheet on public pay and used Mr Data Converter to, well, convert it. Then I pasted the HTML into wordpress, and voila:

BBC Mark Thompson Director-General 2009-10 £668,000.00 £170,000.00 £838,000.00
BBC Jana Bennett Director, Vision 2009-10 £415,000.00 £102,000.00 £517,000.00
BBC Mark Byford Deputy Director-General 2009-10 £475,000.00 £13,000.00 £488,000.00
Hillingdon PCT No Name Supplied GP 2008-9 £475,500.00 £0.00 £475,500.00
Heart of Birmingham Teaching PCT No Name Supplied GP 2008-9 £475,000.00 £0.00 £475,000.00
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