Data Tool of the Week: Many Eyes

Many Eyes Front Page

The many options of Many Eyes

When it comes to Data Tools the IBM backed Many Eyes, is something of a heavy hitter.

Most Data Tool websites tend to specialise in one type of visualisation or another. But Many Eyes allows you to visualise data in a multitude of ways – ranging from scatterplots and bar-charts, to Tree maps (exploring hierarchical structures) and Phrase nets (exploring linkages between words in texts).

Many Eyes has been designed to be accessible to the layman and requires no specialist training to take full advantage of its services. So much so that even the experts over at Guardian Data Blog regularly use Many Eyes for their visualisations.

You have the choice of either uploading your own data or using one of the many data sets online – as I have below – and you can start exploring the many different ways of visualising your data.

Despite being backed by computer juggernaut IBM, Many Eyes is run like a public service and is free to use and encourages users to interact with one another and explore the possibilities of data visualisation – which can help you help you discover patterns in data you hadn’t seen before.

There is however a catch, once datasets are uploaded to Many Eyes, they are available to all users and remain the property of IBM – who then allow you to use the results.

So Many Eyes is great starting point and allows for exploring multiple ways of visualising data, but will is not appropriate for those times when you want to visualise confidential datasets.

Many Eyes Chart


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