What is Data Journalism? Well, It’s quite fun actually

Amongst all the myriad and complex data visualisation tools, scrapers and complex legislation it’s very easy to get bogged down by the sheer weight of Data Journalism.

But a simple search of Youtube throws up this video, made by fellow students at City University, London. As it turns out the subject of Data Journalism can actually be a fun, if rather strange, if you want it to be.

However, on the surface this video may seem to be a piss-take (which it undoubtedly is) It does highlight quite a serious point: the general ignorance and apathy towards data journalism even from within the industry. While this may sound depressing data journalists should take heart.

I, like most data journalists, have at one point or another become overcome with confusion when trying to to get to grips with the many and sprawling ways that data journalism works. but as this video shows so does everyone else, it would seem.

Having no one else really understand data journalism is all the more reason to keep at it though. Data journalism and data visualisation when done well are incredibly powerful tools for a reporter and well worth gaining, but most people are quite happy to remain ignorant and apathetic to these things. Keeping at Data journalism provides you with the edge you need over journalists and is a very handy string to your bow (please fit in any other weapon based metaphors here if you’d like).

So just remember everyone gets confused by Data Journalism at some point, but it can still be fun. Happy data journalisming


About Sam Francis

Freelance journalist. Former MA Investigative Journalism student at City University, London. Lover of data, admirer of information, seducer of computers.
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