…and one pretty pathetic data visualisation win

Following my completely failure to produce the map of UKUncut actions I had spent hours working towards, I have decided to temporarily sooth my bitterness with something a lot simpler.

Below is a simple graph of UKuncut actions over time. A couple of pivot tables, a lot of data entry, and about 3 minutes on Many Eyes produced this:

However, even though this is a pretty paltry copntribution considering my grand ambitions, it does actually have some use. The graph shows that the highest number of actions on any one day (this of course does not measure the number opf people who turned out, only the individual actiopns planned) occurs on December 18. This is right towards the end of the most active period of student protest this country has seen for decades, and just days before the violent scenes in Parliament Square as the tuition fees bill was passed.

This snippet of infromation not be surprising, but it is something that I would simply never have noticed if I hadn’t bothered putting it in a graph. Even something as simpleas a basic graph can turn mindboggling data into another piece of information that might just end up being useful to a journalist.

I think I’ll have another go at that map….

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