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Why data journalism is the future

In my last post I asked why data journalism wasn’t more popular. After all, the tools to do it are already there, and people are already using them for journalistic purposes. But although it might not be universally loved at … Continue reading

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Why isn’t data journalism more popular?

I’ve mentioned before how few newspapers have taken up the possibilities offered by data journalism. Recently I’ve been wondering why that might be, and have thought up a list of a few potential reasons. Let me know what you think … Continue reading

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Visualising the Japan earthquake: LA Times

The devastating earthquake that hit Japan’s north-east coast last Friday has thrown up plenty of options for visualisation. But this from the LA Times, using seismological data is both one of the prettiest and most interesting. It’s a timeline you … Continue reading

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Guardian on the Ball with data stories

Although data journalism is becoming more and more popular, it’s still quite rare to see a major story in a national newspaper that relies primarily on new data analysis. But the Guardian seems to be bucking the trend somewhat. In … Continue reading

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Data tool of the week: Mr Data Converter

Everyone – especially me – likes it when a fictional character is given a name consisting of a title and some characteristic. There’s Mr Potato Head (pictured), Dr Evil, and, of course, Mister Hoppy (yipeeee!). So imagine my delight when … Continue reading

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Data tool of the week: BatchGeo

Ever wanted to make a map using some data you’ve got? Maybe it’s a list of councils that have passed their spending cut budgets, or the MPs with the highest expenses claims. Well BatchGeo could be just the tool for … Continue reading

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Open data – but how much is too much?

When government data is so often released in unhelpful formats, with a lack of useful detail, or just not at all under the strictures of the Data Protection Act, it’s a common reaction to demand greater – perhaps total – … Continue reading

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