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The Best Introduction to Data Visualisation ( That I’ve seen)

Stanford University made a report on data visualisation as part of their 2008-2009 Knight Journalism Fellow Ship. If you haven’t already, watch it here. Both eerily beautiful and insanely helpful this explains why data journalism is so important, and even … Continue reading

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Yahoo Pipes, How to aggregate Feeds even in foreign languages

Yahoo Pipes provides an easy to use way of manipulating information from the web in order to create custom feeds. With its easy to use graph based Graphical User Interface (GUI) you can pull together and link data from RSS sources, … Continue reading

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How to visualise ( data about ) an orgasm

Whilst I know I may well be in danger of sounding like a high school math teacher in constantly trying to make my subject sound fun, when to so many it patently isn’t, I thought I might as well give … Continue reading

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Fuelling the nuclear hysteria

The accidents that have occurred at the Fukushima I power plant in the aftermath of the earthquakes in Japan have gripped the attention of the world and the media. The memories of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster are still a haunting … Continue reading

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Four books for data fiends

Books, what is this arcane concept? In the fast paced journalism world, Twitter delivers the news at break neck speed while blogs commentate of it, so why would a printed book have any relevance? The answer is for the narrative, … Continue reading

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The Future Human approach to journalism

My data journalism colleague Tom Boadle posted this video of this excellent introductory talk by Jack Roberts from the Future Human project. The project run various debates, talks and events that are part of their ‘theatre of innovation’. They describe themselves as “a multi-platform media … Continue reading

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Privacy in the age of Data Journalism (4) – A Data Journalism check list

The good news for Data Journalists is that according to each of the bodies that govern British journalists intruding into the private lives of citizens in the UK is always justifiable – as long as it stands a strong enough … Continue reading

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