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Beautiful, confusing, useless, the tightrope act of Infographics

It’s a tricky balancing act when visualising data, between getting your getting your point across and making something visually striking. Last year the V&A held an exhibit – Decode: Digital Design Sensations –  where many data visualisations were displayed, simply … Continue reading

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Tip: How to Google Docs as a scraper tool

While looking to scrape some data from wikipedia recently I was inspired to do a blog post on how easy this process is when using ready made tools on Google Docs. Wikipedia may not be the most impenetrable of fortresses … Continue reading

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Data journalism – Not a sexy as Julian Assange’s hair

Wikileaks made data journalism seem sexy. Not only was the content of the leaked documents exciting – who wouldn’t want to write about war and diplomacy? – the manner in which it was obtained would have made it seem very … Continue reading

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Investigating the future of data journalism

Yes that is my mug up there! With relatively uninformed opinions, this is an interview with myself discussing the future of data journalism earlier today with my fellow student Riaz Jugon from Driven by Data. In this we discuss many … Continue reading

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Bradshaw’s advice for making money out of data journalism can’t escape the business/consumer divide

Paul Bradshaw, leading online journalist and visiting professor at City University, has written a very interesting article for InPublishing on whether it is possible to make money out of data journalism. His basic premise, that data journalism is driving traffic … Continue reading

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Why data journalism is the future

In my last post I asked why data journalism wasn’t more popular. After all, the tools to do it are already there, and people are already using them for journalistic purposes. But although it might not be universally loved at … Continue reading

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Why isn’t data journalism more popular?

I’ve mentioned before how few newspapers have taken up the possibilities offered by data journalism. Recently I’ve been wondering why that might be, and have thought up a list of a few potential reasons. Let me know what you think … Continue reading

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