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Barack Obama at 50 – interactive guide

As Barack Obama begins his ‘relatively modest’ 50th birthday celebrations in Chicago, Garry Blight, an interactive designer working at The Guardian , and Richard Adams, the Guardian’s Washington journalist, have decided to go all out so he  doesn’t have to. Creating this … Continue reading

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Guardian’s Data team win big at Online Media Awards

We at TheDataDay would like to congratulate Guardian.co.uk/data for winning the Technical Innovation Award at the inaugural Online Media Awards. Often cited the benchmark for interactive data-driven journalism and data visualisation at TheDataDay, judges described the Guardian’s DataStore and DataBlog … Continue reading

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Fuelling the nuclear hysteria

The accidents that have occurred at the Fukushima I power plant in the aftermath of the earthquakes in Japan have gripped the attention of the world and the media. The memories of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster are still a haunting … Continue reading

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Learning your A-B-C in data

There is no denying that citizen and data journalism go hand in hand. Sifting through a data release requires a large amount of time and energy to find something interesting in the quagmire of meangless facts. Therefore, every day interested … Continue reading

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City University mag gives award to Guardian data journalist alumnus

City University’s XCity magazine has given its innaugural award for City alumni to the Guardian’s Simon Rogers.  The magazine praised Rogers’ “pioneering” work on the Guardian’s Datastore and Datablog, especially his role in using crowd-sourcing to analyse the MPs’ expenses … Continue reading

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Handling game changing data: a how to

Over the last couple of days Simon Rogers, Editor of the Guardian Datablog and Datastore, has afforded us an insight into how the Guardian dealt with the game changing wiki-leaks releases over the course of last year in his blog … Continue reading

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