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Investigating the future of data journalism

Yes that is my mug up there! With relatively uninformed opinions, this is an interview with myself discussing the future of data journalism earlier today with my fellow student Riaz Jugon from Driven by Data. In this we discuss many … Continue reading

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Is data the future of journalism?

Some parts of journalism are accepted to be in decline (print as a medium for one) but data is considered to be one of the few areas that will grow. It brings a new edge for finding stories and conveying … Continue reading

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The Future Human approach to journalism

My data journalism colleague Tom Boadle posted this video of this excellent introductory talk by Jack Roberts from the Future Human project. The project run various debates, talks and events that are part of their ‘theatre of innovation’. They describe themselves as “a multi-platform media … Continue reading

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“But you can’t just stick stuff out, it has to be checked” – an interview with Ben Leapman

At the recent Future Human : Data Journalism event in Shoreditch (yes, I  know, trendy right) I managed to catch up with Ben Leapman, Deputy News Editor at the Telegraph and major player in the MP’s expenses stories,to talk to … Continue reading

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