An Argentinean Hackathon

An exciting development in the international data visualisation world is next weeks Hackathon in Buenos Aires.

On 13 August the press room of the Tecnopolis science and technology park in Buenos Aires will play host to a day of computer programming betweenArgentina’s investigative journalists and top programmers.

Attendees will hope to build on [spanish webiste], an internet software tool that extracts and visualises data from text documents, and applying it to the vast paperwork associated with Argentina’s brutal dirty war from 1976-1983. is the product of the last Argentine Hackathon in Rosario(as part of the 4th Digital Journalism Forum of Rosario [spanish webiste]) where journalists and programmes got together to work for on interactive applications for HTML5 in audiovisual media coverage.

If successful next weeks project will create an automatic visualisation of the realities of the dictatorship put together from court evidence, arguments and sentences.

To give shape to such a turbulent time will provide a platform for vital future investigations and TheDataDay will keep you posted on any and all of the results and developments for the world of Data Journalism.

To enter the Hackathon in Technopolis you must enrol  here and confirmed your participation in the event.

10:30 a.m. Present the project and show the possibilities of the software.
12:00 p.m. The hackathon begins: advancing the development of the code and the accumulation of content.

7 pm – 9 pm Presentation of results to the general public

Instructions For Journalists:
Bring documents of testimony, lawsuits, sentences, newspaper articles, etc., in text document format (.Doc, .Odt, rtf, etc.), and think of how it would be desirable to view them.

Instructions For developers:
* Improve the interface for loading documents and data extraction (Ruby/jQuery)
* Improve the query interface for data (timelines, maps, document viewing) (Ruby/jQuery).  The project is developed in Ruby, Sinatra, MySQL, jQuery. The code will be released at

The event hosted by Argentinean wing [spanish webiste] of American based forum Hacks and Hackers.

To view relevant article on Hacks and Hackers website click here.


About Sam Francis

Freelance journalist. Former MA Investigative Journalism student at City University, London. Lover of data, admirer of information, seducer of computers.
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